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Transitioning out of college

Leaving college life behind with no transitional period is not an easy feat.

I am still technically a sophomore in college and am already concerning myself with life after college and how much my life will change.

Not having the freedom of curating your own schedule, not seeing and spending time with friends every day and moving to different cities are all quite big changes that are made when graduation heads off.

Many people focus so heavily on making it to graduation that they forget to prepare themselves for the trials and tribulations of full-blown adult life outside of the comforts of college.

I would argue it is particularly difficult to transition out of a college town, like Vermillion, because although it is an ideal community for college life, in many ways the students become closed off to various aspects of life outside a small town.

I believe the best way to transition out of college is usually through internships. They not only allow for job experience, but they aid people in the building of connections within their realm of studies. Internships also help students develop skills outside of the classroom.

But with all the uncertainty that tends to accompany graduation, there comes the thrill and excitement of a new adventure and, hopefully, the eagerness for a fresh work environment.

I feel both the pressures and optimisms of both, but as someone graduating early, I also can’t help but feel a little rushed.

But even with all the preparation and planning in the world, I think the best advice for people on the brink of graduation is to not force yourself into anything, but take time and be decisive about your aspirations for yourself. You have your whole life ahead of you!