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Family loss in college

The loss of a loved one is one of the worst things to go through. Going through it while away at college makes it even worse. Last month I went through this exact thing. My mother passed away after a short battle with cancer and I am still broken. The advice I will give is to take the time you need, talk to people and it is okay to cry. 

The first and most important piece of advice I will give is to take the time you need. If it means staying home and spending time with your family or if it means keep going to school as normal, go ahead. For me I found going back to school helped me take my mind off of what was going on at home. Just being in class with my friends really helped. 

The second piece of advice is to not be afraid to talk to people. If you decide to keep going to class, talk to your teachers and tell them your situation. They will understand. You can also talk to your friends. They will be your biggest support at school. It helps to sit with them in class and look at them when you start to feel emotional. They will help. It is also helpful to go to the on-campus counselors. They are there to help. 

The last piece of advice I can give is it is okay to cry. If you are feeling sad it is okay to let go and cry. If you start to cry in class, let it happen, people will understand. It is not healthy to keep it bottled up. You need to let your emotions out.  

In the end, losing a loved one while going to college is a really hard thing to go through but you will make it through. People are there to help and it is okay to take your time.