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An Ode to UBrew

USD has presented multiple new food and drink options for its students in the 2022-23 school year. One of the most notable changes being the switch in the coffee shop area; as the UBrew became a Grid which serves Starbucks. 

While many are excited about this change due to the company’s popularity, a few students find it an unnecessary addition as there are already two different Starbucks shops in town. 

Obviously, the perk of having an on-campus Starbucks lies in flex dollars, but money being on a coyote card doesn’t mean it’s any less expensive in the long run. Some students have mentioned the drinks from each shop in town taste drastically different, which prevents the Starbucks chain from credibly being “superior” to any other coffee providers. If it’s lacking this appeal, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to add another corporate chain restaurant to the MUC. Its quality does not compensate for its lack of originality, whereas UBrew was a unique place on campus most students found endearing even if a drink was deemed subpar. 

Campus administrators may believe by having a Starbucks on campus, will make the university slightly more appealing. However, the proximity of the new Starbucks shop prevents this from being a pivotal factor for the university’s popularity. 

UBrew was a staple in hundreds of students’ everyday diet, and removing it from the MUC for a mainstream coffeehouse only cheapens USD’s look as a college campus. It is unfortunate we are in an age that encourages the removal of small shops to replace them with ones that are, to put it simply, “a dime a dozen.” 

There are more than enough Starbucks coffee shops in the world, but there was only one University Brew. If we must drink mediocre coffee, it would be better to have a non-corporate option.