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Letter to the Editor: USD Student Amateur and Professional Drag Show

To The Editor, 

We are writing in the wake of our annual USD Student Amateur & Professional Drag Show on Oct. 26. 

During the show in Aalfs Auditorium, one of the professional Drag Kings, Kent Clark, used a fake gun as a prop in his act. While Spectrum was unaware that this prop would be used, we recognize the insensitivities of a prop gun in a university setting. There was no malice intended by the performer, however Spectrum, as an organization, would like to sincerely apologize for any and all offense or discomfort this portion of our show created. 

We are proud and grateful to be able to host such impressive shows and introduce students to the profession, rich history and culture of Drag, but we would like the campus community to know that Spectrum does not take that responsibility lightly. Going forward, we will do everything we can to ensure that a situation of this nature does not occur again because maintaining and creating safe spaces for the campus community to learn about different aspects of Queer Culture is our number one priority. 


The USD Spectrum: Gender and Sexuality Alliance Executive Team