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Carcoana Returns to On-Campus Housing

Mihai Carcoana, the USD basketball player who was arrested on charges of rape in the second degree last week, was released Dec. 13 after a $50,000 bail was paid by a bond company. He has surrendered his passport and is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday, Dec. 21. 

Carcoana’s $50,000 dollar bail was met through a bail bond company. The Sheriff’s Department could not release the name of the company, but did confirm that the company assumed responsibility for the entire bail amount. 

According to a Coyote Village resident assistant (RA), the student housing contract does not allow housing to remove Carcoana from on-campus housing and he maintains access to all amenities. The Coyote Village RAs were informed Wednesday, Dec. 14 that Carcoana would be returning to the dorm. He will be placed in a two-person dorm without a roommate. This could potentially change next semester depending on occupancy numbers in Coyote Village. The RAs were also told that he must be treated as a normal member of the resident population. 

“Every student deserves due process,” Cody Burggraff, Interim Director of Housing said. “We cannot treat a student differently based on cases that have not been fully adjudicated.”