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Editorial: The Holidays are a Time of Celebration

Once again, the end of a long and difficult semester is here. The end of the semester means exams, projects and papers are due soon, but it also signals the start of winter break. As soon as the semester finally ends everyone will have the opportunity to return home for a few days and spend time with family and friends.

It’s easy to get lost in the motions of life. Finals take over the joy of the holiday season and instead of making plans to meet up with friends and family, we stay up all night desperately cramming for finals.

However, everything from the colder weather to the delicious food is a reason to get ready for the upcoming holidays. The days of feasting, merrymaking and celebrating are almost here. The holidays and winter break are the time to step back from stress.

After a long year, it is time to relax and spend time with friends and family. Whether the semester went well or poorly, everyone deserves to take a break. There is no school, assignments or exams for a couple of weeks so try and unwind before the next begins. 

There is nothing better to do than spend time with those closest to you. Watching movies, cooking or any other holiday activity will create everlasting memories to get you through until the next holiday break.

The holiday season is not complete without a board game gone wrong, so whip out the Monopoly board and see how long it takes to spiral out of control. 

The holidays hold a special place in everyone’s life. Whether celebrating a religious holiday or just a time to spend with loved ones, it is important to enjoy what you are doing.

As we get older it is harder to have the same feelings we had as children. It might not happen as naturally as when we were young, but take some time to partake in a few holiday traditions or activities and have lots of fun.

Enjoy your time with your family over break and have fun over the holidays. Don’t think about the next semester until you absolutely have to. Your winter break can be spent in many different ways, but the best part of it is it’s yours, so do what you want and enjoy it!