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USD Housing Renovations over Summer Break

The 2023 spring semester is coming to an end, which means summer renovations for USD housing will be underway. Three residence halls will be closed for the summer due to emergency roof repair, electrical repair such as electrical panel repair, and plumbing lines installation. Director of Housing, Cody Burggraff, said there will be renovations starting in the residence halls.  

“We will be doing some painting in Coyote Village and McFadden. We will also be updating the heating and cooling controls in Beede Hall. A drainpipe needs to be replaced in Burgess Hall also,” Burggraff said. Therefore, an expert in plumber installation is needed.

The painting projects with the help of professionals like a commercial painting contractor will enhance the interior’s visible appeal. The heating and cooling updates by experts who do HVAC maintenance in Yukon, OK will allow for more efficiency as well as give them the ability to monitor the cooling and heating installation remotely. The drainpipe will prevent leaks from happening in the future in Burgess Hall.

On the other hand, investing in commercial air conditioning ensures a pleasant atmosphere for employees, customers, and guests, ultimately enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction. However, it is crucial to ensure that the system is professionally installed by a team of highly trained technicians who specialize in commercial air conditioning services. If you’re looking for air conditioning repair Lynchburg, call Atkinson Heating & Air Condtioning, Inc.

Minor maintenance upkeep for students and students living in Coyote Village this summer.  

“There are no large-scale renovations happening this summer, just minor preventative maintenance work,” Burggraff said.  

Summer break allows more time for renovations to take place like last year when they remodeled parts of Richardson Hall along with a few different and similar renovations being completed.  

They were finishing up the Richardson Hall floor and restroom renovations, painted areas in Coyote Village, did some shower work in Burgess and Norton, and experts that do ac repair in Decatur, GA and AC replacement in Fairfield, NJ did some HVAC work such as air conditioning repair to be more efficient in Olson Hall. ”This is very similar to what we are doing in Beede Hall this Summer,” Burggraff said.

Although those are the main priorities, USD Housing checks everything that can be done before the start of a new semester.  

 “Besides these things, we always try to go through all rooms to fix the bigger things, such as hinges falling off the door, drawer not closing, etc.,” Burggraff said.  

Due to these renovations, summer camps will be moved into different halls on campus.