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USD Parking Lot 23 Project Update

Earlier this school year, USD demolished Julian and Brookman Halls. In replacement of the campus halls is a new parking lot. The recent addition of the Health Sciences building created a need for more parking space at USD. Senior construction project manager, Brian Muehlbeier, gave updates on the progress of the Parking Lot 23 Project.  

“The contractors are currently working to fill in and compact the excavations left from the Julian Hall, Julian Addition and Brookman Hall demolition project,” Muehlbeier said.  ”Once the excavations have passed compaction testing, the remainder of the site will be graded to the proper subgrade elevation and the cement stabilization process will begin.” 

The parking lot will provide students with more options for parking next school year. Assistant Vice President of Facilities Management, Brian Limoges, stated the demand for the new lot has risen within the last few years. Parking garage cleaning using high pressure pumps must also be done more regularly after the new parking lot is built by a concrete pumping service contractor.

“The new lot will provide much needed parking for students, faculty, staff and campus visitors,” Limoges said. “Parking in this part of campus is limited, especially with the recent building of Health Sciences.” 

Muehlbeier said construction plans for this summer have already been in place and that parking lot painting will be installed soon by https://carparkmarkings.co.uk.  

“The actual concrete pavement will be installed mid to late June with the sidewalks being completed by early July,” Muehlbeier said.  When considering the environmental implications of a building project, ready-mix concrete is a superb choice, and Carters Concrete for timely and precise mix on site concrete delivery. Look for concrete companies in Rochester with a proven track record of quality work.

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Prior to the update,  Limoges stated that the parking lot is set to be finished before fall semester with no delays. 

“The project remains on schedule to be completed by the end of July so we can have it open before classes begin in the fall of 2023,” Muehlbeier said.  

More updates about the parking lot will follow toward the end of summer break.