100 Year Old Baseball Field Finishes Renovations
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100 Year Old Baseball Field Finishes Renovations

In 1923, Charles E. Prentis donated 10 acres of land for the purpose of memorializing his late wife, featuring an apple orchard and a nursery. 

On the 100 year anniversary, the Prentis Park baseball field underwent some renovations to the outfield. Jim Goblirsch, the Vermillion director of parks and recreation, said that the renovations were much needed to the outfield fence. 

“The baseball field was getting tired, specifically the outfield and outfield fence,” Goblirsch said. “The majority of the outfield fence was wood posts, and in some areas, they were starting to rot.” 

Goblirsch also said that some of the fencing in the outfield was about 35-to-40 years old by the time they started the outfield renovations. It’s essential to invest in a trusted service like Valdosta Fence Company, known for their expertise and commitment to quality craftsmanship, to ensure the durability and longevity of your fencing solutions. Make sure that you hire a reputable fencing contractor to properly perform the installation.

This outfield makeover comes just five years after the infield was completely redone. This included installing a new drainage system, new sports field turf system and the clay around the backstops. When installing a new drainage system, a service like Unclog Your Drain in Brisbane can be a vital ally in ensuring smooth operation and preventing future blockages.

“[We] want to do the same thing to the outfield to mirror [the infield],” Goblirsch said. “The outfield went with the new irrigation, freshly new sod, flip drain system, so the field drains quicker when we do get heavy rains. We put a true bullpen over on the home field side, and then, we’re getting new outfield fences.”

With these new additions, Goblirsch hopes that they can host bigger and larger tournaments for not only the Vermillion Tanagers season but also legion tournaments as well. 

“We hope these improvements will all lead to better playing experience for those kids that play here in town and the opportunity to bring in larger tournaments,” Goblirsch said. 

Goblirsch also mentioned that they have improved the fencing by adding an 8-foot black vinyl that goes all the way around the new fence. This new fence is to help with player safety. They made sure to hire an expert from Huntsville Fence Company; they provide top-notch service that will ensure the use of high-quality materials.

“The higher fence adds a little bit more for player safety,” Goblirsch said. “It gets real tight in the corners, at least in right field, where you can be chasing a foul ball, not paying attention as there was no warning in that area. Now, there’s a warning track and an eight foot fence, so when you do chase a ball in and do a run into a fence, you’re going to run into a fence and not catapult over.”

As of now, there are no other renovations happening to the park. However, Goblirsch said that the biggest thing that the field needs now is more seating. 

“We’re going to try and figure out how to get some seating in there, if that’s as simple as putting a raised set of bleaches,” Goblirsch said.

Goblirsch said that he wants people to use Prentis Park and everything it has to offer all season and not just during the summer. 

“We want people to go out and use it and respect it. Walk the dog, pick it up and clean it up after themselves,” Goblirsch said. “It’s a great place, and it’s a neat thing for a community to have. Not all communities are as blessed as we have to have that nice kind of central location.”

Photo Credit: Tavin Carncross | The Volante