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Spa Offering Hydrafacials Opens in Vermillion

Ulah Spa is one of the new businesses in Vermillion that offers beauty and cosmetic care. The ribbon cutting ceremony for the spa occurred this past Thursday, Oct. 12.

Ulah Spa is owned and operated by two women. One of the owners, Kassi Meng, moved to Vermillion in March from Kansas City, Missouri. She had previously worked at a waxing business for three and a half years.

Meng said she wanted to continue doing what she was doing in Kansas City and to bring something that would not only limit her hour and a half drive, but also benefit the community.

“When I moved to Vermillion, I just noticed that it’s a cute, college town.” Meng said. “I wanted to continue what I was doing, but I wasn’t looking forward to having to drive like an hour to work. I just wanted to open something that could be a benefit to the community. I just did waxing and wanted to bring that in and wanted to do more.”

Sydney Jensen is the other owner of Ulah Spa. She was born and raised right here in Vermillion and works as a registered nurse at the hospital.

Jensen said she and Meng collaborated on the endeavor to not only help themselves but to also bring something back to the community.

“For the last two years, I had worked down in Sioux City doing lasers, microneedling and filling up botox, so more of the pretty side of nursing,” Jensen said. “I kind of always wanted to bring back something to the community. When Kassi (Meng) moved to town, we decided it would be a great opportunity for the both of us to help improve the community and make our lives a little easier without having to travel to Sioux City or Sioux Falls.”

Ulah Spa offers different beauty services which include hydrafacials, full body waxings, a hydromassage lounge and even permanent jewelry. It is one of the first businesses in Vermillion that does hydrafacial. For those seeking advanced skincare solutions, consider treatments like Picosure Laser for targeted skin rejuvenation and addressing specific concerns with precision and efficiency.

Jensen said Vermillion lacked something like a spa and it was something the community needed.

“Vermillion is just a great community in town that has a lot to offer but the one thing that we kind of lack on is the spa sort of field,” Jensen said. “We have a lot of places who do facials here in town but nowhere in town does the hydrafacial. With the college kids and our town’s community, as large as it is, there should be more to offer.”

Ulah Spa also offers 10% off discounts for students, faculty and military. They also have weekly deals and different deals going on for their grand opening.

For more information about Ulah Spa and all their business has to offer, visit their Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/ulahspaverm.