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Wellness Center Begins Youth Basketball Program

The Wellness Center is starting a youth basketball program for the fall and spring this school year. The program has different opportunities for grades first through sixth. 

Steve Mayer, the wellness center director, said the program meets six Saturdays in the fall and in the spring at 8 a.m. 

Other programs running at the Wellness Center are a swim program and a climbing program for the summer. 

Mayer said he hopes with the new aquatics facility being installed that he and his team may add some more youth programs.

Mayer said that this program and others like it are a good chance for USD to get involved with the Vermillion community.

“USD students get a chance to officiate and help manage a league that is outside the scope of college recreation,” Mayer said.

Children within the Vermillion community can register online at the USD Wellness Center’s website; however, teams outside of Vermillion will need to contact Mayer directly at [email protected] to secure a spot. 

To stay up to date on other programs in the future, go to the Wellness Center’s page at wellness.usd.edu.