Seasonal Parking System for Vermillion Residence 
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Seasonal Parking System for Vermillion Residence 

On Oct. 27, the city of Vermillion released a statement about the seasonal parking measures that are now being enforced. 

The odd-even parking restrictions will be between north and south streets between Clark and Main, which include Harvard, Yale, University, Willow and Pine, and it will also include streets east and west of Dakota and Plum, which include Cedar and National. 

“This protocol allows for the streets to be plowed from curb-to-curb. Plowing curb-to-curb is crucial, because when snow is allowed to accumulate in the street, the freeze-thaw cycle can be very damaging to the pavement,” the city of Vermillion said in an email. “Drainage problems also occur when the gutter area is clogged by snow and ice. The most important factor is safety. A gutter installation is crucial for gutters showing damages. Many streets are bordered by parking spaces. Allowing snow to pile up in these areas can create a hazard by forcing parked cars closer and closer to traffic as subsequent storms deposit more snow. The professional contractor from Baton Rouge Gutters made sure to fix the damage carefully and provide high-quality service.” 

For parking, on days the number ends with an odd number, parking will not be available on the streets Harvard, Yale, University and Pine between midnight and six a.m. 

The city of Vermillion also wants to inform residents that some months end in 31 days, which implies there won’t be parking on two consecutive days. 

As for even days, parking will not be available on the streets of Cedar and National between midnight and six a.m.

The city of Vermillion also set another public notice about the weather, which includes the removal of snow and ice, unlawful depositing of grass, leaves and snow, 24-hour parking, keeping fire hydrants clear, the odd-even parking and winter storm safety and parking. 

For more information about the odd-even parking or snow removal contact the city of Vermillion at [email protected]