Stop being ‘Not like other girls’

There’s a popular idea on the internet to act like women are ‘not like other girls’ which involves women shaming other women for their interests. This may make misogynistic women feel more powerful when they put down others but in reality all it does hurt other women. We see a lot of this hate online […]

2 mins read

Free feminine hygiene products added to MUC women’s restrooms

More than half of USD’s students no longer have to worry about being stranded without feminine hygiene products at the Muenster University Center.  In every women’s bathroom at the MUC, there is a free dispenser full of tampons and pads. These dispensers are a new addition to the bathrooms, and many hope to see them […]

3 mins read

Erbert and Gerbert’s hosts ‘Howling Hammer’ sandwich contest

Students will get the chance to showcase their culinary creativity in Erbert and Gerbert’s sandwich contest at USD.  Erbert and Gerbert’s contest has students creating a unique sandwich that will be named the ‘Howling Hammer’ and will only be available on USD’s campus location.  When Marcus Destin, a junior communication major, came up with the […]

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