Editorial: Participating in Democracy, It’s Your Right

Elections have repercussions, especially for civil rights, social justice and human rights. The South Dakota 2022 elections bring us another round of elections for legislators, governors and other civil servants. There will also be ballot measures about Medicaid benefits and marijuana use. Participating in voting is part of being a citizen of the United States […]

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Editorial: D-Days is Better than Hobo Days

Vermillion and Brookings have a long-standing rivalry and there could be an argument over which school is better (spoiler alert: it’s USD). But there is little doubt that USD’s Dakota Days is way better than SDSU’s Hobo Days.  From the names alone, USD is the better option. Dakota Days makes sense. We live in South […]

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Editorial: Sodexo Prices Are Limiting Our Student Orgs

Events on campus are one of the best parts of college life. Student organizations often end up throwing events that allow students to make great memories with close friends and feel excited about being on campus. However, soaring catering prices experienced during the transition from Aramark to Sodexo can make it a lot harder for […]

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Letter to the Editor: Remembering Native History

On October 10th, USD will celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day, honoring Native history, culture and people. On this day of celebration, I will also remember the painful history between the United States and Indigenous communities.   For over a century, hundreds of thousands of Native children were taken from their families and placed in federally sponsored boarding […]

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Work Experience and the Devaluing of Education

College attendance has skyrocketed in the past few decades. It is significantly harder to obtain what is considered a “quality” job without a four-year degree. There is also an increased amount of pressure on young adults to enroll in the first place.  However, even when people are successful in obtaining a college diploma, many freshly […]

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COVID-19 Pandemic Has Made College Students Lazy

Pushing off assignments until the last minute has always been a part of college life. We all know procrastination will never help us, most of the time pushing something off until later will make the situation worse, and the lockdown just added fuel to the fire.  Procrastination can be caused by several things like stress, […]

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