Stevens urges delegates to research parties

By Adeline Smidt   South Dakota Representative Mike Stevens advised Girls State delegates to research political parties and to become involved in whichever best represents their views Tuesday morning. Stevens, who represents District 18 and serves as Majority Whip in the South Dakota House of Representatives, told delegates that political parties aren’t everything. He then shared three ways a person’s political views can be shaped. Birth, or factors […]

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Sutton empowers women attending South Dakota Girls State

South Dakota Sen. Billie Sutton believes women are underrepresented in politics. Sutton said women make up only about 20 percent of the government, while they make up around 52 percent of the nation’s population. Additionally, South Dakota has never had a female governor, and the United States has never had a female president. Sutton encouraged delegates to get involved politically. He told the girls it was […]

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Dustin Johnson advises Girls State delegates to be successful, work hard

By Anna Eggers   Dustin Johnson hoped to encourage Girls State delegates to aim high for success Tuesday. Johnson spoke at the morning session of the general assembly. He is the former Public Utilities Commissioner and Chief of Staff for Governor Dennis Daugaard and currently the Vice President of Vantage Point Solutions. Johnson said “speaking […]

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