Original music displayed through student’s hobby

Music isn’t his future career, but junior kinesiology and sports management major Blessed Vargas is still passionate about the music he creates. “It’s honestly just a hobby, but it’s a hobby I take seriously,” Vargas said. “So it’s like, I’m not gonna put out something that isn’t impactful to anybody. I’m not gonna put out […]

4 mins read

Painting major finds inspiration in ‘the little things’

Art students usually don’t spend hours studying vocabulary words, writing papers or conducting experience in the lab. Their homework is much different. For junior painting major Ethan Tasa, a typical school day starts by going to art history, ceramics and photography classes, then spending hours in the studio, working on his latest paintings. Tasa said […]

3 mins read

Swimming and Writing

For most, juggling athletics with studying medical biology seems like enough work in itself. Dedicating time to writing and performing music albums in addition can be even more challenging. For sophomore swimmer Griffin Wolner, that’s his reality. Two years ago, Wolner took an official visit with the Coyote swim team and eventually turned it into […]

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Students respond to Walmart hours cut back

The Vermillion Walmart has cut back from its around-the-clock service and will no longer be open during the night. The store will now be open from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. The Vermillion Walmart’s new hours has created concern for the community and students. Kaitlyn Danielson, a junior majoring in elementary education said the new change […]

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