Welcome Table offers curbside pickup

The Vermillion Welcome Table has opened their doors to anyone who may want a free, hot meal on Mondays for the last 20 years. Due to the importance of safety in the Vermillion community amidst COVID-19, they have had to adjust operations. The Welcome Table is a volunteer program that feeds the community of Vermillion. It […]

3 mins read

Extended summer comes to an end on Move-in weekend

After five months away from campus due to Covid-19, new and returning Coyotes moved back to Vermillion over the weekend. The move in the process took place over a three day period. In previous years, move-in was a single-day event, but because of social distancing measures, move-in was spread out over the weekend to limit […]

10 mins read

United Church of Christ welcomes community through outreach

The words “all are welcome” are displayed in front of the United Church of Christ, encouraging all who pass to come into their space, but this message spans further than the physical bounds of the church.  The United Church of Christ (UCC) believes in welcoming all individuals to their congregation, no matter creed, class, color […]

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