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In the Know & in the Dark: Feb. 22

IN THE KNOW: Scholarship weekend coming up. It’s a time for the university to start recruiting some bright new minds.

IN THE DARK: The looming threat of midterms. There’s really no funny quip for midterms, they’re far too


IN THE KNOW: It’s only of couple weeks until Spring Break, a week full of relaxing and fun.

IN THE DARK: It’s of couple weeks until Spring Break. Why isn’t it here yet?

IN THE KNOW: The basketball team putting up a hard fight against Texas State, all before an ESPN crowd. Even though we didn’t win, the team still played hard.

IN THE DARK: Lack of communication on campus. At some point someone has to talk to us about the incident at Coyote Village, right?

IN THE KNOW: The President’s Day holiday. What a great feeling it is to know that you can push off all your homework until Monday instead of Sunday. Thank you presidents, Surely it’s exactly how you wanted to be remembered.

IN THE DARK: Mother Nature and her fickleness. Make up your mind: is it winter or not?