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Rambling Anna: The bucket list conundrum

Bucket lists have become a popular thing, so my roommates and I — all seniors — decided to create one for ourselves. The problem is, we’re all starting to come to terms with our age and the fact that sometimes it’s just really nice to spend a weekend doing absolutely nothing.

For instance, back in high school, I would have done anything to attend a football game in the frigid cold or just hang out with friends, because I was afraid I’d miss something interesting. Now, I’m finding that I simply don’t care if I miss somebody’s joke or attempt romance at a downtown bar. I love to hear stories about awesome weekends full of shenanigans and mayhem, but I’m perfectly content with not participating.

However there are exceptions to every rule. My roommates and I still like to cut loose on occasion, but I’ve noticed that the amount of cutting has decreased considerably since my first year.

So, our mildly boring bucket list has items like “Take a picture with the Doc Farber statue” and “Go to the National Music Museum” listed. Partially, because we’ve already done a lot of crazy things on campus, none of which I can publish in a newspaper, and partially because we honestly just have fun making hot chocolate and watching “The Office” on Netflix.

This is my request of you, reader. It’s up to you to keep us from becoming stagnant seniors and let us know what you think we should do at USD before we graduate. Keep in mind, we’ve done a lot of things already, so be creative, be crazy and be original.

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