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Mixing up finals week: CAB, university offer 11 days of campus activities

Finals week might be a little less hectic this year – Campus Activities Board and Student Services will be hosting stress-relieving activities throughout the week.

“When CAB originally started booking things, they thought it was going to be a normal finals week,” Assistant Director of Student Life Lindsay Sparks said. “Then we found out it was more like Wednesday to Wednesday, so we have more like 10 to 11 days of stuff.”

The week has already kicked off with several activities, like a concert and giant spinning paint wheel, a toy that strikes a chord with most ‘90s kids.

But the best is yet to come.

Faculty members and the humane society will be bringing in dogs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Dec. 11 in the Muenster University Center. Sparks said this event has always been a student favorite.

Another student favorite, the President’s Late Night Breakfast, has a lot of faculty and staff signed up to serve  breakfast food. Last year, the event served about 1,000 students.

Throughout these events, students are also encouraged to attend athletic events, like the Saturday men’s basketball game vs. Green Bay at 7 p.m.

“We’re really wanting students to go to that one,” Sparks said. “That is going to be their toughest non-conference competition.”

But overall, students are encouraged to attend these free events to relieve stress and get away from studying.

“We’re giving students the opportunity to go do something that will de-stress them a little bit and relax them,” CAB adviser Nathan Hofer said.

Sparks said studies have shown that it is beneficial for studying to get out, socialize and maintain a healthy sleeping and eating schedule to be successful during finals week.

Graduate student Luke Granholm said the week takes its toll on him, and these sorts of activities can be a nice break.

“Finals makes me feel excited, because I am almost done, like getting presents for Christmas, but then realizing I have a mountain of projects, which feels like getting gift cards from your least favorite places,” he said.