Don’t settle for just anyone
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Don’t settle for just anyone

Being a single, focused student, I am quite content in saying that I’m not in college to get my MRS degree — finding a husband while you’re in school.

Despite a few flings here and there, I have not been in a serious, steady relationship since high school.

Now you may be thinking, ‘Why is she writing a dating column, then?’ I don’t classify myself as a love expert, but I’m no stranger to the topic either.

I’m not in a relationship because I haven’t found the right person yet. Being in a relationship absolutely does not stamp a futuristic wedding ring on your left hand. Dating may possibly be the only way to find out exactly what it is you’re looking for, and with the right person can be very fulfilling.

There’s nothing greater than having someone you care about right beside you, especially during the stressful college years. On the other hand, dating and the wonderful qualities that come along with it should not be used to merely pass the time.

As anyone could say, I’ve had my fair amount of bruises and scars from being involved with a guy. What I’ve come to realize from those bumps is it’s something I could have prevented. It’s all about quality, not quantity.

My advice to you is to be picky. Don’t fall all over the guy who tells you you’re beautiful, or the girl who showers you with close attention at a party. Devote your time to the person who treats you with respect. It’s fun to be young and crazy, but that often leads to disaster and hurt.

College has been labeled by many as the greatest years of a person’s life. The time presents many opportunities and challenges which mold a teenager into an adult. Take full advantage of everything the time has to offer, but don’t lose track of who you are.

There are many great people here at the University of South Dakota. Introduce yourself to anyone and everyone — they could turn out to be your best friend, maybe even more. But in the process, don’t sell yourself short. A relationship based on fun will end with anything but.

Meander your way around to find someone worthwhile, but don’t take a break for only a few nice words. Wait for the one who causes your feet to forget how to keep walking.