To wear or not to wear — first-year fashion files
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To wear or not to wear — first-year fashion files

Starting off at college, it may be a mystery as to what to wear and what not to wear for some people. By following these tips, it is my hope that the University of South Dakota will have the best dressed campus.

First off, here is a general rule: Son’t wear your lanyard around your neck since it screams, ‘Freshman!’ to other students. If possible, find a cute lanyard, and even that is not always necessary. You can easily clip your keys and stick your student ID into a cute wristlet. There are also lanyards for visitors so they don’t lose their ID

Also: It’s time to retire those high school T-shirts. Sure, it’s OK to wear them to exercise at the Wellness Center, but anywhere else? Leave ’em behind.

Show school spirit by participating in ‘wear red Fridays.’ Any red USD wear will do — from the first-year T-shirt you receive on welcome weekend to one you could buy at the bookstore or elsewhere.

Many of us come from small towns where there was a pretty uniform style everyone wore because it was expected and accepted. When someone stepped out of the box for a day, everyone noticed. It is the time to have fun and experiment with style.

Try out new trends, skim a few magazines, get inspiration from anywhere you look. However you do it, step out of your fashion comfort zone and see what else is out there to wear.

As for every day style, I would recommend not wearing sweatpants to class each morning. What you wear at college helps define who you are, whether you’d like to admit it or not.

It also sends a message to the professors and advisers: how serious you are about school and earning a degree.

Plus, if you look good, you feel good. It’s that simple.

Make sure you maximize closet space and stay stocked up on the season’s essentials. Don’t forget warm-weather clothes like shorts, tanks and sandals for the beginning of the year.

Cold-weather clothing such as a warm coat, hat and boots will help in the trek across campus to class — it’ll help you get motivated if you know you can count on being somewhat warm.

There are plenty of basics to bring to college that can be transformed easily. Wearing a dress one way could be casual for a day of classes but adding or taking away accessories could get you ready for that banquet. That reduces the amount of laundry to be done in the essence of time to do it.

Ready to be part of the style change at USD?