SGA addresses student organization funding
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SGA addresses student organization funding

Student organization members, such as sophomore Samantha Hall, the Union of African American Students secretary, came to room 216 in the Muenster University Center at 5 p.m. Oct. 29 for a financial seminar held by the Student Government Association.

Senior Katie Staley, SGA’s business manager, covered questions she receives from student organizations about SGA funding.

One of the main reasons why Staley chose to host a seminar is because frequent turnover of student organization executive positions may make it difficult for certain rules and procedures to remain common knowledge.

Staley said she was asked a lot of good questions during the seminar.

“I was so glad we could open up the communication past working through email,” Staley said. “I was very happy at how interactive the seminar was overall.”

In addition to the reimbursement process, Staley covered the do’s and don’ts of funding eligibility, the budgeting process, the special appropriation process, the specific forms SGA requires and what the budget committee looks for.

Twelve students attended the seminar. Student Services Management Analyst Michelle Fostvedt and Accounting Assistant Kim Moore were present during the first few minutes of the seminar to answer more specific questions about certain things they need for student organizations to be reimbursed.

Hall said she came to the 50-minute seminar to ask specific questions about her organization, such as printing expenses, and to gain more knowledge in general regarding the SGA funding process.

“It really helps us prepare for the next semester,” Hall said.

The SGA Coordinator for the Association for the Advancement of Women’s Rights, Lenette Haliburton, attended the seminar at the request of other members in her organization.

She said she learned a lot about where to find required forms and who to email with certain questions.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” Haliburton said. “Now I’m learning and I’m OK with it.”

Staley said there was a good combination of new and old student organizations in attendance.

“Overall, I was very happy with the presentation. I am very excited to help some of the new organizations hit the ground running,” Staley said. “Funding new student organizations and watching them grow is my favorite part of the job.”

(Photo: Senior Katie Staley, the Student Government Association business manager, hosts a seminar on SGA funding and spending Oct. 29 in the Muenster University Center. During the seminar, representatives from various student organizations were able to have any questions regarding funding answered. Ally Krupinsky / The Volante)