USD should offer more minority-based scholarships

Minority-based scholarships have been offered for many years, and it seems the debate as to if they are fair or not still arises today. Furthermore, universities should offer more scholarships that directly assist minority students because they, too, deserve a chance to attend their school of choice and succeed like any other student. Minorities are not only defined […]

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Substance abuse specialization cut won’t affect addiction studies program

The elimination of a substance abuse specialization will not affect the University of South Dakota’s addiction studies program, although the two areas of study share similarities. Because of low enrollment, a request for the removal of the specialization in the Counseling and Psychology in Education graduate program was submitted to the South Dakota Board of Regents last November. According to, […]

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MUC expansion: One year in review

More than a year later and the expanded Muenster University Center is finally at a point of completion when it comes to matters of construction and office relocation. The building now boasts 100,000 square feet for student dining, meeting space and staff offices. No immediate plans for changes in the renovated space are planned, said Kim Grieve, vice […]

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Beer tax pits business owners against City Council

Before a heated informational session Monday evening, mayor John Powell turned to a few other members of the Vermillion City Council. “I might get impeached tonight,” Powell said jokingly. The City Council is proposing an ordinance for a five percent malt liquor mark-up to help fund renovations to Prentis Park. The mark-up would be charged […]

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