People of the Pack: Quinn Pieper
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People of the Pack: Quinn Pieper

Quinn Pieper is a sophomore majoring in accounting. She is involved in the sorority Alpha Xi Delta, Coyote Crazies and the accounting fraternity Beta Alpha Psi.

NK: Looking back on this year, what did it teach you?

QP: I think just to get involved and do a lot because you don’t have a lot of time here so you have to use it wisely.

NK: What’s your favorite memory of the year?

QP: I don’t know if I have an exact memory. I just think my favorite memories come from being around my friends and just those not planned moments where we just are being goofy and messing around. I look for spontaneity.

NK: If you could go back this year and change something, what would you change?

QP: I don’t think I’d change anything, because then if I changed something then something else wouldn’t have happened. Why change? My life is pretty good right now. Life is completely about perspective.