Tips on how to cope with a roommate
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Tips on how to cope with a roommate

One of the trickiest parts of the college experience is the roommate. Most people have never lived in the same room as another person before and the transition can be a huge adjustment for some.

Roommates don’t seem overly tricky, and they aren’t always, but here are some tips as to how to cope with roommates.
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First, be accommodating to your roommate and their needs. However, don’t be too accommodating. Some people will walk all over you if you don’t stand your ground.

Second, Communicate! Communicating with your roommate will save you both the headaches of trying to read each others’ minds. Along with this is the idea of making an effort. Make an effort to talk to your roommate, get to know them and try to include them in your plans if they seem left out.

Be open with your roommate as well, especially about medical issues, or quirks or anything else that may affect your behavior towards them.

For example, if sometimes you turn into a complete recluse you may want to forewarn your roommate so they don’t think they’ve done something to hurt your feelings. Also, be honest with your roommate if something is bothering or upsetting you and talk to them about it openly. Trust me, more will be accomplished if you do so!

Respect your roommate’s sleep schedule and space. The last thing some people want is other people in their business, keeping them up all night or waking them up at obscene hours in the morning. Along with this idea of respecting  your roommate, is respecting their sense of smell. Shower regularly not only for the health benefits, but because your roommate has to live with your smell as well.

If you think there will be issues with the distribution of chores, consider setting up a chore schedule. Then you both will be aware of when things need to be done as well as whose turn it is to do them. This will make chores more fair.

If you are someone who needs space and time alone don’t be afraid to go seek it out somewhere on campus! There are plenty of private areas where you can be alone with few disturbances.

Lastly, and I really must emphasize this again; communicate! The best way to reach understandings and compromises is simply by communicating.

Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the roommate expereience while you’re at it!