Adele squares off against Taylor Swift with latest single
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Adele squares off against Taylor Swift with latest single

After three years, Adele has finally released her highly anticipated new single, “Hello,” which has been breaking records left and right.

Not only has the single hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Top 100 chart, it has also become the best-selling single in three years, according to the BBC.

While all of these accomplishments are more than enough to stir up a storm, the most controversial feat has been Adele breaking the Vevo record for the most-played video on Youtube.

Previously, this title belonged to Taylor Swift for “Bad Blood.”

Is Swift, the so called “Princess of Pop,” getting dethroned by Adele? The vast majority seems to believe so.

While the numbers do seem in favor of this statement, I don’t believe that two artists who have both achieved great success, and who have such different styles of music, can be compared in such a way.

Both Swift and Adele have proved to be successful artists.

According to Forbes, Swift’s net worth for 2015 is $240 million, while Adele’s ranks at $75 million.

While these numbers show that, as for right now, Swift still holds the pop culture crown, the amount of money each of these artists makes in a year far surpasses what most of us will make in a lifetime.

Swift sold more 1 million albums in her first week of release with three separate albums, while Adele’s “21” album was a Diamond certified album.

So whose accomplishments are more impressive? It’s a trick question.

It’s impossible to deem who is the better artist. While Swift has produced more albums than Adele, each with incredible success, Adele has outsold Swift in total number of albums sold.

Furthermore, while some may have a personal preference on which artist they like best, Swift and Adele are two of the most successful women in the music industry.

A little healthy competition is good, but one artist does not need to outdo the other.

With a music industry like today’s, people come in and out of it faster than you can blink. There is plenty of time and room in the industry for every artist to get their fair share of fame and fortune.

Not only does the music industry have space for individual artists, it also has room for different styles of music.

Swift and Adele’s music styles are so different, I can equally enjoy Taylor Swift’s and Adele’s music.

One day Taylor Swift might be the artist I feel like listening to, and on another day it could be Adele. Many would agree they feel the same.

Each artist is unique and successful in their own way.

Obviously, competition between artists will always exist. However, it should be fun and lighthearted competition, and should be something that can be pushed aside to equally celebrate the success of all artists.