Killercon showcases student artwork
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Killercon showcases student artwork

Killercon, hosted by USD’s American Institute for Graphic Arts and the law school, drew a crowd of people dressed in a wide variety of costumes this past weekend.

The attendees at Killercon, held Oct. 30, could play video games, look at art students’ pieces and purchase them, and take pictures in their costumes.

Tyler Hoebelheinrich, a senior and the president of AIGA, coordinated Killercon and said the event was planned to bring attention to AIGA and the graphic design classes, but also functioned as way for students to have a good time.

“We just wanted an event to raise awareness to our club and give us something fun to do for Halloween,” Hoebelheinrich said.

Students’ art pieces were also hung on the walls and available for purchase. Killercon was planned roughly a month in advance, Hoebelheinrich said, and AIGA made all the decorations and planned games.

Alix Galinsky, a third-year graduate student, went to the party and was also in charge of bringing video games such as “Mario Kart” and “Guitar Hero.” There was also a “Dance, Dance Revolution” competition.

Galinsky said he enjoyed the idea of Killercon, mostly because he “loves comics” and enjoyed the posters made by AIGA.

Young Ae Kim, a professor of graphic design and a planner of the event, said she wanted to bring more awareness to AIGA and the art of graphic design.

“The students wanted to have some type of fun,” Kim said, “And at the same time exposure to what graphic design is supposed to be about.”

Killercon has been an event hosted for four years, and Hoebelheinrich said the plan is to keep the tradition going for many years to come.

“We want to make it a yearly thing,” Hoebelheinrich said. “It’s a great way to give our club something fun and productive to do.”

For the last two years the event has been hosted at the Eagle Club downtown. Before that, it was hosted at the Vermillion Area Arts Council.

“We decided it’d be fun to come here, set it up, invite a lot of people,” Galinsky said.

Kim thought the idea of Killercon could bring out a more lively atmosphere to art, whether it be selling their art or spreading the word about graphic design.

“A lot of times, when you’re talking about exhibition, it’s very formalized and quiet and some of the socializing going on,” Kim said. “Students want a little more fun aspect to it. I like the idea of combining with Halloween into the (event). It can be really silly and they’re (students) are not too serious about it.”