The art of binge watching TV shows
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The art of binge watching TV shows

Let’s be real with ourselves for one second, we’ve all done it before. We’ve spent all weekend curled up on our futons binge watching an entire season of our new favorite, addictive show, only getting up to eat or go to the bathroom.

How would I know? Well, after spending less than a month and a half binge watching 10 seasons of “Supernatural” and getting more than a little upset because season 11 isn’t on Netflix yet, I can say that I’ve become a professional binge watcher.

Have I hated myself for watching 10 seasons in under a month and a half? Why yes, yes I have. However, the more I think about it, the more I realize we shouldn’t hate ourselves for bringing our shows, for binge watching is an art.

I know, I probably sound crazy, but it’s easier to put a positive note on our obsession with binge watching than constantly hating ourselves for it.

There’s a process to binge watching, one that many people go through without realizing it.

First off, one has to look for the right show — preferably from a happy genre. For instance, I’ll totally admit that I’m a nerd and love binge watching shows such as “Supernatural” or “Doctor Who.” Obviously that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I suggest finding something that’s either long-running or has already ended and has a decent amount of seasons.

Also, mess around a little bit. I recommend watching a few episodes of different shows before finding one that screams, “Binge watch me!”

Next, make sure whatever show is chosen stays interesting. If I get through an entire season of a show and I’m not even remotely excited or thrilled about it, I dump it. Most likely it’s not going to get better, unless I’ve heard otherwise.

It’s also important to make a game plan while binge watching. Never are we as humans more organized than when we’re binge watching a show. Make a plan of how many episodes that can be watched in a day without failing classes or only getting two hours of sleep.

For instance, while I was binge watching “Supernatural,” I would watch at least one episode before going to bed during the week, and then become a hermit during the weekend and not leave my room at all because I’m weird and too invested in the show.

Finally, go to the bathroom, grab some snacks and drinks, sit back, relax and enjoy the show. It’s proven by someone, somewhere, I’m sure, that nothing is better than the feeling of finding the perfect show to binge.
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It’s because of these steps and more, my friends, that binge watching is an art.