People of the Pack: Victor Ugochukwu
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People of the Pack: Victor Ugochukwu

Victor Ugochukwu is a sophomore from Nigeria majoring in studio art.

Cheyenne Alexis: Are you involved in anything at USD?

Victor Ugochukwu: I belong to the African Student Association. I joined it because I wanted to promote what Africa is. We do a lot of good activities over there, like the book drive — sending books to Africa — Africa Night and just educating people about what African is and not just stereotyping people.

CA: What do you like about USD?

VU: I think USD is a very student-friendly place. I’ve had a lot of opportunities here to do things that I want to do, especially with my major. There’s a lot of facilities that help in your personal projects, and school work, also.

CA: What do you like about Vermillion?

VU: It’s a really quiet town, not too much going on. It makes you concentrate on studies. There’s not a lot of distractions here.

CA: Why did you choose your major?

VU: I think I have a talent with art, and I really enjoy doing it. I want to use my art to impact a lot of people.

CA: What kind of art do you do?

VU: I’m a painter right now, but I’ll be moving on to animation.

CA: How has college benefitted you?

VU: I’ve made really good friends, met some really good people that help me to learn more stuff about America, because coming from another country and a different culture, I’ve learned a lot of stuff being at USD and America.