Product review: ‘3 Second Brow’ saves time for morning routine
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Product review: ‘3 Second Brow’ saves time for morning routine

Many of us start our daily routine by doing makeup. Often times, this can mean waking up an extra 30 minutes to an hour, sometimes more, just to put on makeup.

For me at least, a part of this routine includes shaping and filling my eyebrows.

But, sleep being as valuable as it is, I usually find myself hitting the snooze button one too many times. When that happens, I have to choose between eating and putting on makeup, and makeup usually wins.

My makeup routine usually consists of foundation, mascara and brows. So when I spotted the as-seen-on-TV product Three Second Brow, I had to try it out. I’m always excited to try something out that will cut down on my morning routine and allow a few extra minutes of sleep.

When I opened the package, the directions instructed me to pick the stamp that was closest to my brow shape. There was an angled and a more curved shape. Initially, I chose the angled one because that’s what I thought my brow shape was.

Next, the directions said to take the stamp and in a circular motion apply the brow powder to the stamp. Now the powder only comes in one color — dark brown. My eyebrows are more of a blonde color, so I was a little skeptical.

The directions then say to align the stamp with your brow and press down on them for three seconds. I leaned into the mirror and tried to align the stamp perfectly with my brow, pressed for three seconds and then took the stamp away for the big reveal.

The first thing I noticed was that my brows looked very thick and dark.
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It didn’t really look like an eyebrow at all.

I decided not to let the first try get me down, so I went in for round two. This time I used the rounder stamp on my other brow, and instead of directly putting the powder on, I used a makeup brush and applied it to the stamp. This worked a lot better than the first attempt, and my brows looked a lot like how I normally do them.

Throughout the day my brows stayed pretty much in tact. Besides the normal wear and tear, they still looked good at the end of a long day, which means the brow powder is good quality.

Although I had some struggles the first time around, I think this product is actually pretty handy. The only thing I would want to see changed is different colored brow powder, because not everyone has naturally dark brown eyebrows.