People of the Pack: Ian Rice
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People of the Pack: Ian Rice

Ian Rice is a junior from Rapid City, S.D. and works for UBrew in the Muenster University Center.

Ali Boysen: What were your thoughts when other schools were getting cancelled but USD wasn’t yet?

Ian Rice: I honestly wasn’t surprised, USD doesn’t really get cancelled for anything just because so many people live on campus. I live right across the street too so I knew when my class got cancelled and someone wasn’t going to be able to come into (UBrew) today because they live further away, I just got to work extra.

AB: Were you shocked to see that President Gestring canceled classes at 7 a.m. this morning and not sooner?

IR: Yeah I was surprised. I woke up to a very happy group conversation with some people I know and they were like ‘hey, go back to sleep because school is canceled’ I was like ‘I have work before school anyway.’

AB: How long do you have to work in the MUC today?

IR: (UBrew) is actually one of the few things closing early so we’re going to be closing at five. A lot of people have been stocking up on goods today because they don’t want to have to go back out, so I’ve been finding that pretty funny.

AB: What’s the item going the fastest today? Have you still been selling iced coffee?

IR: Not much iced coffee, but a surprising amount of ‘extra’ hot drinks special ordered.

AB: Are you shocked to see this many people in the MUC?

IR: Honestly, I expected to see more people. Yeah, of course, you don’t want to go out and about between your classes, but having the complete day-off, I wouldn’t want to spend the whole day in my room.

AB: On your day off, tomorrow, what are you planning on doing?

IR: I don’t know what I’m doing yet, I haven’t planned that far ahead. I’m just getting work done. I’ll probably get a little bit of studying done.