Know your worth
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Know your worth

Knowing your worth is the most important thing you can do for yourself. It’s a long-term investment that will lead to healthier relationships, respectful boundaries and above all, a confidence that will take you where you want to be.

Knowing your worth means taking the time to assess your lifestyle and pinpointing the components that really support your goals.

Everyone has worth and therefore everyone has something to bring to a table. Whether it’s a killer skillset in your career, a fantastic taste in music or an amazing sense of humor — you are a worthwhile human being. The skills you bring to any aspect of your life are unique and irreplaceable.

And in order to be confident, you must first respect yourself, acknowledge the work you have put in to get to this point in your life, and know it’s not only okay to be independent but essential.

Being confident doesn’t mean believing everyone must answer to you and support you at all points in your life. Good friends will often be busy or may disagree with you on certain — but it doesn’t mean you can’t recognize a pattern of indifferent behavior in any relationship you maintain.

Of course, the flip side is true; be sure you are being supportive of the people you care for and recognize or respect their own worth as well. But know that if they’re not being responsive or considerate when you need them most, that may be a sign that the relationship is no longer worth prioritizing.

I mean this for everything; in your career, your past times, every relationship you have. Whether it’s friendship or something more, you have to make sure the people surrounding you are valuing and supporting you. Men, women, if they are not texting you back, checking up on you from time to time, or really listening to what you say, they don’t see your worth; and it’s time you focus on those who do.