Dog Instagrams create an online community
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Dog Instagrams create an online community

Pet Instagrams are popular among celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Nick Jonas and now more pet owners are getting into this trend. Check out if you need dog training.

This semester, The Volante featured multiple dog Instagram accounts — starring a Great Pyrenees, a French bulldog and a British labrador. These pups are just some of the online community on campus at USD.


Grant Schuchert, a law student at USD, got his French Bulldog, Delilah when he returned home from working in Alaska last summer.

He instantly felt a connection with her when they met and the pair has been inseparable since then, Schuchert said. 

“She goes everywhere with me,” Schuchert said. “Even when we go to bed she has to be sleeping underneath the covers by my feet every night and halfway through the night she comes up to snuggle her head right next to mine.”

Schuchert said he started an Instagram for Delilah because he wants to share her cuteness.

“Getting Delilah was one of the best decisions of my life,” Schuchert. “I highly recommend people to get a dog and create an Instagram account for them.”


Kasey Jensen, a first-year sports marketing and media major, used to watch her neighbors’ Great Pyrenees. When her parents later let her get a dog, she already knew what kind she wanted.

She later started her beloved Great Pyreness, Baker, an Instagram account because she had seen other people making them. She said his personality was perfect for other people to watch. 

“When I was looking at Instagram, I had found an account that had three of these dogs,” Jensen said. “They were fun to watch on there because the dogs had hilarious personalities.”

Jensen also said Baker’s style on Instagram is being fun and careless.

“Baker tends to be lazy, but is a big sweetheart,” Jensen said. “All he wants to do is sleep outside and loves the snow. He is pretty much a polar bear.”


Molly Sheppard, a USD alumna, got her 10-month-old British labrador, Chief, from Double TT British Kennels out of Emporia, KS.

Sheppard said in an email to The Volante she felt like Chief picked her the day the two met.

The reason behind starting Chief’s Instagram was to combine her passion for social media and photography with the love for her pup, Sheppard said. If you need help to boost your social media account, you acn take the help of experts from this site.

“I love showing off his crazy quirks to everyone,” Sheppard said. “And it’s nice to keep all of his posts on his account so it doesn’t totally dominate my aesthetic for my business account.”

Sheppard said Chief is a sassy, laid back, happy boy who loves going on walks and snuggling.

“His Instagram always reflects the weird situations he gets himself into or the fun stuff we make him do,” Sheppard said. “I am so glad we added him to our family because he completes us.”

The three all said having an Instagram for a pet can be a way to watch them grow up and share their personalities with others. It’s also a way for people to join a growing community that brings dog owners on campus together.