The Sound of USD marches on with season without football
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The Sound of USD marches on with season without football

Though football has been cancelled for the 2020 season, the Sound of USD is still marching through their season. Marching bands and football games go hand in hand, but this year, USD’s marching band is looking forward to a season of new opportunities. 

Todd Cranson, director for the Sound of USD, said that the marching band does not need sports to be great. 

“Football and the marching band at USD do huge things to create a fun environment on our campus,” Cranson said, “but the marching band does not have to be attached to football in this situation.”  

Coming to the choice that they would continue their season, Cranson said that marching band relies on factors other than sports.

“We made the decision to keep (the season) and there are multiple factors within the choice. Academic requirements are huge because marching band is an academic class,” Cranson said, “If we don’t hold marching band, it could cause issues with degree requirements.” 

Though the band will not be filling the Dome with their songs, Cranson is arranging opportunities on campus and around Vermillion for the band to perform.

“As I talked to administrators across campus, there was a lot of enthusiasm about having the band here and playing when the students get to campus to contribute to that collegiate atmosphere,” Cranson said. 

When it comes to the students, Cranson said their willingness and enthusiasm are unmatched.

“The students are having a blast,” Cranson said, “It is the most energetic and the most willing to take challenges as they come out of any group I have ever worked with.” 

Emily Muirhead, drum major and senior music education major, said that she is still excited for the season regardless of the circumstance. 

“I am so happy to be back and making music,” Muirhead said. 

To keep the students safe during their outside practices, the band has implemented mask policies along with their standard four-foot interval, which keeps the students seven and a half feet apart. Cranson said that these transitions have been exceeded by the students. 

“I have yet to have an instance of non-compliance or complaints and we are outside in the heat and the sunshine, wearing masks and sweating,” Cranson said. 

Carson Sehr, trumpet co-section leader and junior english major, said that this season marks a new era for the Sound of USD. 

“Arguably, our impact could be even wider now, going from just those who would attend the football games to now all students and community members in and around Vermillion,” Sehr said. 

The Sound of USD is hoping to perform a Thursday night concert series and perform around different places in Vermillion, but the schedule has yet to be finalized. 

“We hope to perform to help lift people’s spirits and to give a little sense of normality despite all the changes and precautions,” Cranson said.