Grocery delivery program delivers a sense of Coyote community
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Grocery delivery program delivers a sense of Coyote community

For students quarantined on campus, Aramark delivers three meals daily. For students off-campus, there is now a grocery delivery program available for them to use while they aren’t allowed out of their house. 

The program is partnered with Hyvee. Students in need of the delivery service order their groceries online at Hyvee Aisle Online and then email the Dean of Students so the delivery can be coordinated. 

Dean of Students Kim Grieve said since starting the program, they have already delivered groceries to multiple students. Delivery is only available Monday through Friday from 1-3 p.m. 

The team that makes the deliveries are all-volunteer, Grieve said, which is why hours are limited. 

“(During the week) we send somebody over (to Hyvee), pick it up and drop it off on their front porch. We’ve got a team of volunteers and student services that’ll go ahead and drop it off for them when they need it,” Grieve said. “We just don’t have the staff (available) on the weekend.” 

Students pay for their groceries, but there is no additional fee for delivery through this program. 

Grieve said another program she hopes students are aware of is the Student Emergency Fundcv. This fund is a relief program students can apply for up to $400 in relief. 

The application for the Student Emergency Fund is found under the COVID relief tab on the USD website. If students are approved for funding, the money will be applied to their bill, Grieve said and received at a later date.

Having programs like the Student Emergency Fund, Aramark meal delivery and the grocery delivery program, Grieve said, shows students they are not alone while being in isolation. 

“We just want to make sure that they are having proper nutrition and feel like the university cares about them, which we really do,” Grieve said. “It’s hard to be alone and be quarantined — especially if you’re sick, it’s really hard to be alone. We want to make it you know, as easy for them as possible.”

In a previous version of this article, the Student Emergency Fund was referred to as the CARES Act. The CARES Act is no longer available for students. The Volante regrets this error.