Survey shows approval for USD COVID-19 response

A USD survey of students who tested positive for COVID-19 or spent time in isolation or quarantine showed students have had a positive experience with the university’s response to the pandemic this semester. The survey, conducted between Sept. 14 and Sept. 28 by the USD COVID-19 Task Force, showed almost unanimous approval of the university’s […]

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SGA passes resolutions to support sexual assault prevention measures and COVID surveillance testing

Kate Fitzgerald, USD Director of Housing, spoke at the Student Government Association (SGA) meeting this Tuesday about the procedures around isolation and quarantine rooms for students living on campus. SGA also passed two resolutions and introduced a bill to restructure the Green Initiative Fund. Fitzgerald said students who choose to stay in isolation rooms on […]

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Grocery delivery program delivers a sense of Coyote community

For students quarantined on campus, Aramark delivers three meals daily. For students off-campus, there is now a grocery delivery program available for them to use while they aren’t allowed out of their house.  The program is partnered with Hyvee. Students in need of the delivery service order their groceries online at Hyvee Aisle Online and […]

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Students reflect on their personal experiences with COVID-19

The effects of COVID have rippled throughout campus, but they have looked different for every student. For some students, the virus has been a looming threat with little meaning in their lives, but for others, it has changed their life.   Freshman Brooke Loutsch’s uncle contracted COVID from his job at the Tyson Foods plant. He then passed it onto Loutsch’s aunt. Loutsch […]

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University Housing offers alternative on-campus living options

While the hallways of North Complex are usually full of students socializing, this semester, on-campus housing looks a little different. From campus-wide mask-wearing to isolation housing, there are many new rules and regulations in place to keep students in on-campus housing safe this semester. Unlike previous years, move-in weekend was spread over three days with […]

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Downtown businesses take Covid-19 precautions

When word of the pandemic hit Vermillion in April, downtown businesses were forced to adapt to developing COVID-19 safety policies. Café Brule and Dakota Brickhouse, which are co-owned by Jim Waters and Monica Iverson, immediately switched from in-house dining to delivery and curbside pick-up. Once the city allowed businesses to reopen, they resumed in-house dining. […]

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Greek Life adjusts to COVID-19

From chapter houses to recruitment, Greek Life at USD is undergoing some major changes to protect its members in the time of COVID-19. Because fraternities and sororities have different guidelines than other student organizations, each has a different approach to prevent the spread of the virus. COVID-19 Policies Laura Anderton, Director of Sorority and Fraternity […]

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Stop protesting quarantine and stay-at-home orders

Anti-social distancing and anti-stay-at-home order rallies have been popping up around the nation in the last week. There have been planned protests in Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, Ohio, California and Minnesota.  Please think about what you’re doing. These protests themselves could cause a surge in the spread of the virus. The Pennsylvania gathering alone drew around […]

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COVID-19: Check on your loved ones

The COVID-19 outbreak has already had enormous effects on the U.S. The pandemic has caused mass hysteria, panic and stress on people around the country. The explosion of COVID-19 cases has caused many states to shut down non-essential businesses, parks, beaches and other public places. Left jobless, many people are cooped up in their houses […]

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Club quarantine: Celebrating birthdays while social distancing

Twenty-first birthdays — and birthdays in general — are counted down and anticipated for most people. The right of passage of going to the bar with friends has been taken away from people celebrating their birthday during self-quarantine. USD students are still finding a way to make this year’s birthdays special, despite not being able […]

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