Student Athlete Mental Health Awareness Week

Sept. 30 through Oct.7 is nationally recognized as National Student Athlete Mental Health Week.  By acknowledging the challenges student athletes face in juggling academics and athletics, we aim to foster mental toughness while also promoting a culture where seeking support is seen as a strength. Tanner Peterson, USD’s coordinator of student athlete mental health, said […]

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Student Counseling Center Experiences a Year of Growth

The Student Counseling Center at USD, located in the Cook House, has experienced yet another year of growth according to the center’s assistant director Wesley Bruce.  While statistics aren’t yet available, Bruce said that they have been able to see more students this year and are on track to hire another counselor. Additionally, they’ve also […]

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Students Help Tackle Mental Health With Green Bandana Project

Students, faculty and staff around campus have been wearing green bandanas on their backpacks as part of a mental health initiative. The Green Bandana Project is an organization to help spread awareness for mental health. The organization strives to end the stigma placed on individuals struggling with mental health battles. They show support for one […]

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Mental health and stress have hindered college athletics

There are millions of students in the United States participating in college athletics and the lifestyle does not look like it will lose popularity anytime soon. America’s obsession with sports has caused the majority of the population to place great athletes on pedestals, which only makes the opportunity to compete at a higher level more […]

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“BLOOM” into your best self with Miss South Dakota

Miss South Dakota 2021 winner Kaitlin O’Neal shared her Social Impact Initiative (SII) “Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy You” with USD students and faculty Sept. 27. O’Neal’s SII is called “BLOOM” and is an acronym tool she created to assist in balancing her mental, physical and emotional health. So for those who are also struggling […]

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SGA candidate team preps for voting day

Typically the Student Government Association (SGA) has multiple teams running for president each year, but the 2021-22 campaign has one team, Ally Feiner and Katie Brust. Feiner, a sophomore studying political science and criminal justice, is running for president. Her running mate is Katie Brust, a junior studying studio art and biology double major who […]

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Alumni group supports women and philanthropy at USD

USD Women in Philanthropy focuses on the role women play at USD and showcasing their importance. This organization is made up of women alumni that tell the story of the role women play at the university. USD Women in Philanthropy displays what USD stands for. Caitlin Duffy, the USD Women in Philanthropy Director of Development […]

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USD Student Counseling Center launches online self-help platform

For students looking to improve their mental health, the USD Student Counseling Center (SCC)  is introducing a new resource. Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) is an online self-help platform for mental health related issues. The SCC was able to secure funds to create this platform since the state of South Dakota established grant funds for accredited […]

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‘It is okay, not to be okay’: USD helps student-athletes combat stress and anxiety

Student-athletes at USD have faced many unforseen changes this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the USD’s athletic department is trying to help athletes handle the stress and anxiety that can come along with these changes. Jenna Uher, an athletic trainer for the Coyotes, said this year the trainers have focused on […]

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