Greek Life Recruitment Adopts New Schedule

In an effort to increase visibility and outreach, the University of South Dakota has shifted its traditional sorority recruitment schedule, pushing it two weekends back to Labor Day weekend. This shift has allowed for increased marketing and promotion for students and was driven by the desire to promote Greek Life to students who may not […]

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New Dean of Students Amid Campus Restructure

After more than 10 years of service, Kim Grieve has left her role as dean of students at USD. Kate Fitzgerald, former housing director, has taken over the position in addition to serving as assistant vice president for student support services.   According to her LinkedIn profile, Grieve began as vice president of student affairs […]

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Vermillion Police Expect Rise in Student Crime

In a community where violent crime is scarce, a recent homicide has garnered attention. Chief of Police Crystal Brady noted that these types of crimes are rare, with student-crimes being much more prevalent. Furthermore, Brady anticipates continuing to crack-down on student-crimes this year.  “It’s a fairly safe community when it comes to that type of […]

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“Barbenheimer” Brings New Look to Movies

Throughout the past few years, cinemas have been dominated by franchise movies that often follow the same plot with different characters. This summer, “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” were able to captivate audiences with their strong stories and fresh perspectives.   “Barbie’’ follows the story of Barbie as she faces an existential crisis that causes her to […]

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Student Counseling Center Experiences a Year of Growth

The Student Counseling Center at USD, located in the Cook House, has experienced yet another year of growth according to the center’s assistant director Wesley Bruce.  While statistics aren’t yet available, Bruce said that they have been able to see more students this year and are on track to hire another counselor. Additionally, they’ve also […]

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Students to Participate in Summer Research

While most students head home for the summer, a handful can be found across campus doing research. Assistant Vice President for Research Kevin O’Kelley has been working hard this semester to consolidate all the research programs and looks forward to seeing what students do this summer. Across campus, over 40 students can be found this […]

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Museum Class Takes Students Out of the Classroom

The anthropology department at USD has reintroduced the Museum Techniques course after a five-year hiatus. Dr. Tony Krus teaches the introductory museology course, which is a mixture of both traditional lecture style and internships at local museums.   The course returned due to the high demand from students. Dr. Krus explained that out of all the […]

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Short Film Project Challenges Students

The Fool’s 48 Short Film Project is set to return again this year. This competition challenges participants to write, direct and edit a short film in just 48 hours.   For 2022 student participant Gen Hirata, the competition was an opportunity to learn what it takes to make a short film.   “I’ve been passionate about filmmaking […]

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Coyote Classic Climbing Competition to Return this Year

The Coyote Classic Climbing Competition will be returning for its second year. Last year, the competition had over forty competitors.   The competition features three different brackets and is accommodating to a wide variety of skill levels. Climbers can compete in a beginner, intermediate or advanced bracket, with the routes being progressively more difficult.  Alaina Farnik, […]

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Vermillion Water Safe to Drink Despite Concerns

Many residents across Vermillion are bothered by the taste of the water. Fortunately, their drinking water is within all federal, state and local regulations.  “Our biggest complaint would be the taste. If people travel from another town, they’re going to notice the taste difference … We don’t want to take a lot of the minerals […]

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