Autumn: The superior season
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Autumn: The superior season

No I will not be taking an questions. Autumn is the superior season.
While I enjoy living in Vermillion, this town doesn’t know fall. It never comes here. One day its 85 degrees, the next it’s snowing and it’s now winter. But this year, we’ve gotten more than 30 minutes of fall and I could not be happier.

Autumn is the best season and let me tell you why. The temperature is just right. Who doesn’t love wearing sweatshirts, jeans, flannels and denim jackets? And without sweating? Sign me up. Scarves, beanies and boots are a plus too. It’s the perfect balance of comfy clothes without feeling like a stuffed pepper.

And can we talk about the outside? The pretty leaves, the cool but not crisp air and the smell. You know the smell. The smelly smell of fall.

The perfect compliment to this perfect weather? Outdoor activities. I love being outside and doing things but it’s next to impossible when its 90 degrees out all the time.

Autumn is the perfect time to go hiking, biking, kayaking or even just sitting outside in a lawn chair without dripping in sweat 10 minutes into the activity.

And it’s not just the weather it’s the season. It’s the beginning of the Halloween season. Then Thanksgiving.

Just thinking about going to a pumpkin patch makes me want to ditch class and go right now.

Can any other season even compare? Not really. Winter is cold and snowy. Spring is slushy and stressful (thanks finals week). Summer is too hot. Summer just smells like sweat.

No other season has the holidays fall has. Winter has a lot going for it with Christmas in the bag but Easter and the Fourth of July claimed by Spring and Summer really aren’t even in the running. I said what I said.

Autumn also has the best coffee shop concoctions. My latest obsession? Iced chai latte with pumpkin cold foam and cinnamon dulche syrup. It tastes the way fall candles smell (thanks TikTok).

Anything pumpkin, cinnamon or maple is absolutely the move.

And think about it. With all of these factors, what really puts fall ahead of the rest of the seasons is the picture opportunities. Instagram was made for autumn photos. The weather, the leaves, the hiking, the coffee and just the overall vibes just give off Instagram energy. If you follow me on Instagram, prepare yourself for the sheer amount of posts until Dec. 1.

Spring pictures aren’t that pretty unless you find blooming plants. Winter pictures are just white or green and red. Summer pictures are sweaty. I said what I said. Autumn is superior in every way. So go out and enjoy the beautifil 50 degree weather, the pumpkin spice latte, the Palisades and the apple orchards.

We all know it won’t last for long.