No thougths

I’m here to tell you that it is okay to consume content that has no educational value whatsoever. I have spent a great majority of my 22 years on this Earth learning. But when I tell you there are fewer things I look forward to every week than sitting down and consuming absolutely braindead content, […]

2 mins read

Tipping is essential, quit acting like it isn’t

In South Dakota, the minimum wage was recently increased to $9.30 an hour, just over two dollars more than the federal minimum wage of $7.25. $9.30 still isn’t high enough but compared to other Midwest states, it’s not bad. But that’s not the point here. Employees deemed as “tipped employees” can be paid as little […]

3 mins read

Show up for Black Lives Matter

The United States is going through a lot right now. A tight presidential race, a spiraling out of control pandemic that is averaging 945 deaths per day, and boiling over racial tensions. On top of that, many students across the country are going back to school, sports are cautiously starting up again and it feels […]

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Mamba Mentality: now immortalized forever

Growing up playing basketball with the boys, I developed a huge love for the game at a young age.  We played everyday. Before school, during recess, after school. I’d go home and shoot around until it was dark; we all did. We grew up idolizing players like LeBron, Carmelo and D-Wade. And of course, Kobe […]

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