TikTok: An untapped opportunity
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TikTok: An untapped opportunity

Yeah I got addicted to TikTok over quarantine. Just like everyone else my age. There was nothing to do but scroll through the random videos that popped up on my endless For You Page. But now, I’m glad I did.

TikTok works differently than other mainstream social media platforms. You can follow people but they won’t necessarily pop up on your For You Page (aka your timeline). The app’s algorithm populates your FYP with videos that it thinks you will like based on hashtags, video text, captions and what kind of content that creator typically makes. This means, theoretically, any video from anyone could pop up on your FYP. This is gold.

Going viral is much easier on this platform because you don’t need a single follower. You just need the algorithm on your side.

Brands and companies can take advantage of this but they may need to learn the tiktok account statistics and be creative. There are paid ad opportunities for TikTok but organic, as always, is better.

As a brand or as an individual looking into becoming a social media influencer, TikTok needs to be on your radar. If it isn’t, just give it up now because you’re clearly too far behind.

TikToks have even migrated to other platforms. Have you looked at Snapchat meme accounts lately? They’re just all TikToks. For a brand, once a TikTok leaves the platform in the form of a saved video, it’s hard or nearly impossible to track interactions. But at that point, the video has probably already “gone viral” and you’ve already won.

Like other social media platforms, famous TikTok creators have partnered with brands, just another way brands can get exposure on this app. Charlie D’Amelio has nearly 100 million followers. Her brand deal with Dunkin’ Donuts includes a drink named after her on the menu. This drink has sold hundreds of thousands of times. What a win for Dunkin’. All thanks to TikTok.

As for any privacy concerns the United States government has drummed up about TikTok I have this to say: you already have zero privacy on the internet. Facebook sells your information. Russia has your information and worked with the current administration to get it. So if you have any concerns about China getting your data from TikTok. It’s already out there to be had.

Anyways, it’s time to capitalize. Go check out newest social media sensation and educate yourself. Especially if you’re looking for a job in social media. It won’t be long before it joins the ranks of Twitter and Facebook.