No thougths
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No thougths

I’m here to tell you that it is okay to consume content that has no educational value whatsoever.

I have spent a great majority of my 22 years on this Earth learning. But when I tell you there are fewer things I look forward to every week than sitting down and consuming absolutely braindead content, I’m not kidding.

One of my favorite shows to watch on TV is “American Dad”. Because it requires absolutely zero thoughts to consume it. All I have to do is sit down and keep my eyes open.

The mindless consumption of extremely uneducational content is what gets me through the week.

In addition to absolutely stupid adult comedies, I also subscribe to some pretty brainless YouTube channels. YouTubers like Brittany Broski and Trixie Mattel have extremely dry and a bit dark humor that are without a doubt worth the watch.

Between the completely uneducational content and the hilarious editing, they really take the stress off at the end of the week.

Another YouTuber I watch regularly is a friend, Lexi Kerzman. Her corny editing and random video subjects are so easy to watch or to just have on in the background.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with consuming uneducational content. For me, it is extremely important to give my brain a break and watch something so non stimulating it almost reverts to its birth state.

Taking opportunities to learn whenever possible is without a doubt the right choice. You never know what you might learn. But it’s important to take a break from such stimulating content.

Just because content has no educational value doesn’t mean it has no value at all. It holds value in relaxation. There is nothing like unwinding to a video of Brittany Broski doing decades hairstyles at 3am.

So watch that entire season of The Cleveland Show. Binge corny YouTube videos.

Give your brain a break. This is your sign to watch something you may not learn a single thing from.

Not all content you consume needs to be education. If you lose a few braincells, well at least you enjoyed watching the video.