Editorial: These masks might not be comfortable, but they are necessary
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Editorial: These masks might not be comfortable, but they are necessary

After almost a month-and-a-half break, students were welcomed back last Monday to the USD campus to start off the spring semester.

This semester is looking to be a big one for USD students as we are also welcoming back several sporting events. Many have also found that there seems to be more options for in-person classes and even more students in these classes.

It seems that USD is getting a little taste of that “normal” pre-COVID-19 lifestyle.

With no sports and no breaks last semester, in order to do finals online after Thanksgiving, and many classes operating online already, student life just wasn’t the same for many of us.

This semester though, seems that it will start bringing back some of the in-person activities and interactions that we all have been missing out on for several months now.

While all of this is undeniably exciting, we all have to remember one thing as students and members of the Vermillion Community, which is that COVID-19 still exists and is still very dangerous.

As students at USD we must remember to protect ourselves while keeping others safe as well by always remembering to wear a mask when coming to campus.

On top of wearing a mask, we must also be vigilant to how we are feeling. If a student or professor is experiencing any kind of sickness they should stay home. While many people might not be concerned about sicknesses other than COVID-19 right now, the fact is they can still also make people unhealthy.

Many classes highlight remote learning options prepared for if someone were to get COVID-19, it should be just as easy to do this for students and professors with other sicknesses as student and faculty safety should be the top priority.

As members of the Vermillion community we must not forget these precautions when entering the public as well. Many students go downtown or attend other social gatherings in Vermillion.

COVID-19 still exists, even within our friend groups and we should continue to prioritize safety.

If we disregard the warnings and precautions given to us, we risk much more than just our own personal health. By not practicing these precautions we also risk our classes going back online, sports being cancelled again, restaurants closing back up and much more.

Our community is still very sensitive right now and the USD campus will be a large factor in keeping the community open and operating.

These masks might not be comfortable, but they are necessary.

So next time you’re done having a MUC date with all of your friends or think about heading to Char Bar perhaps slip a mask on and remember to protect the pack.