Soak up the sun
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Soak up the sun

The warm weather is coming, and like Sheryl Crow says, I’m going to “soak up the sun, I’m gonna tell everyone to lighten up… I’m gonna soak up the sun.” We all have to go enjoy the fresh air, the spring breeze and the bright sunshine to loosen up and feel free from loads of school work!

Spring break is less than a week away, and I’m hoping for some amazing weather so everyone can enjoy outdoor activities to lift their spirits. Whether you’re travelling somewhere far for a vacation, going home or staying right here in Vermillion, there are lots of things you can do to enjoy the nice weather!

Go for a bike ride around town and the bluff and stop for ice cream. Walk downtown for lunch or dinner. Take your work break and eat lunch on a bench outside! Go for a short drive with the windows down, the music blaring and head to Clay County Park or the Mulberry Bend Overlook. Both of these locations are within five minutes of town and have a few trails to explore along the river.

Breathe in the fresh air, play some music, or listen to birds’ chirpings, leaves rustling in the wind, the ground crunching beneath your feet or the ripple of stepping into a puddle of melted snow.

We all know the feeling of warm weather and sunshine after a long harsh winter and how it always brings a smile to your face. This feeling is due to the increase in serotonin in your brain. Serotonin gives you more energy and a feeling of calmness, positivity and happiness.

Getting more sunlight and time outside will also help you get better and longer sleep, which is especially important after the buildup of sleep deprivation from the first part of the semester. During spring break, start your days early, spend time outside, hang out with friends and family, have fun in the evening and you will sleep amazingly after having a packed day of positivity.

After this crazy year of COVID-19 changing our lives, take the week of spring break to reflect and spend time outside to rejuvenate your soul and body. The sunshine also helps give your immune system a boost during these stressful times.

We all deserve to pause, slow down, and enjoy the little things in life, including the beautiful Earth, which is amazing to watch bloom as it warms up. A beautiful day will bring you a lot of joy!

If you are reading this, I truly hope you will make plans to enjoy the sunshine for at least an hour a day during spring break and can plan safe, fun activities whether it’s beautiful or a little cloudy out. The fresh air will make you feel so much better! Let’s all walk in the sunshine, humming to Sheryl Crow singing “I’m gonna soak up the sun!”