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Carncross Commentary: Let’s fly in “First Class”

Rap star Jack Harlow dropped a song to add to your summer playlist titled “First Class.” This is the second song Harlow has released in 2022, with his first song called “Nail Tech” being released in February. 

When I first listened to this song, I was honestly not a huge fan of it. However, after forcing myself to continuously listen to the song, I really enjoyed it. 

Harlow starts the almost three minute song with just a simple “mmh.” He then almost instantly follows the “mmh” with “I’ve been a” which kicks off the actual beats of the song. I think this is a good start to the song. It was a smooth transition.  

Harlow also got samples of the popular song “Glamorous” by Fergie to include in his single. I absolutely love this song from Fergie so for Harlow to incorporate his own twist with the song is amazing. Some examples are in the chorus where Harlow has his own part and Fergie spelling out glamorous. 

“I’ve been a (G), throw up the (L), sex in the (A.M.), uh-huh (O-R-O-U-S, yeah).” The other part of the chorus also does this just maybe not as well in my opinion. 

“And I could put you in (First class, up in the sky) I can put you in (First class, up in the s–, up up in the s–” 

After that however is the most Jack Harlow thing I have ever heard: an eagle scream.

Yes, an eagle. I did not hear it until my good friend mentioned to me “hey, did you hear the eagle?” I was so confused because I had not heard it but it is such a Jack Harlow thing to do. His personality is very goofy so it makes sense to go there. 

Following the eagle however, Harlow actually starts rapping the first verse which is probably my favorite between the two he has in the song. 

He first talks about how in 2019, “I was outside freely, but now they got it out for me.” Meaning before he was famous he could just walk outside freely and how now, everyone wants him. 

Other things I found funny in the first verse were in the fourth line with “Pineapple juice, I give her sweet, sweet, sweet semen” and “Tryna come the same day as Jack? Rethink it.” These are very Jack Harlow things to say because he has a funny sense of humor along with being a little cocky. 

The chorus starts back up right after the first verse is over and repeats the same things as before. This makes me wish Harlow gave Fergie a little verse in the song (maybe foreshadowing hopefully). 

Verse two really shows again how Harlow can be a little cocky. Many people say he could be the best which is replicated in the first part of the verse. 

“They say, ‘You a superstar now,’ damn, I guess I am. ‘You might be the man,’ well, that’s unless I am. Okay, I’ll confess I am.”

In this verse, Harlow also mentions the popular Netflix show “Euphoria” and one of the characters named Angus and how he is “Cloud 9.” 

Personally, the second verse is a little lackluster. It just did not have enough to get me really moving with the groove. Harlow is just a little slow and his voice is very monotone. I just needed more. 

The song closes out with the chorus, which was a great way to end it. 

Overall, I really liked the song after I made myself listen to it probably 50 times in one weekend. If I had to rate the song, however, it would get a three and a half Tavins out of the possible five. I like it a lot now but like I said before, I had to continuously listen to it to almost make myself like it. Harlow’s personality brings up the score a lot for me because he is just a funny guy.