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Madeline’s movie Review: The Adam project; I should’ve seen this coming

After watching “The Adam Project” on Netflix starring Ryan Reynolds, Walker Scobell and Mark Ruffalo, I will say there are some good things about the movie and some things I wasn’t a big fan of.

I felt it was a nice film with a compelling story line. However, I felt at times it was complicated because it has time-travel and scientific explanations. Another good thing was it had a nice message for the audience to love and listen to their parents which I was genuinely pleased and impressed with. 

Ruffalo’s character, Louis Reed, had very little screen time but I felt he was one of the most important characters, especially in the third act of this film. I also liked how Reynolds did an amazing job at playing the main character, Adam. 

Throughout the film, Reynolds did a good job at creating character development. His character was bullied in school so when he grew up, he learned how to fight back and beat the bad guys. I thought it was sweet how he gave advice to his younger self on how to fight back against the bullies.

Another thing I liked about the movie was the nostalgia element, like playing on the 80s movie “Flight of the Navigator,” and quite a few nods to “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.” Most of them were not too subtle but the movie got away with it. 

The plot and storyline of “The Adam Project” felt like it was a mix of multiple other movies, but overall I felt it was boring and predictable. I thought there were many forced action and emotional scenes. 

Multiple times throughout the movie, there were fights with futuristic weapons which got boring because of the repetition.

I did feel as though the movie was more of a family drama than a sci-fi movie. Although it had the sci-fi elements such as time travel and exploring space, it is essentially the mom and child dealing with the death of the father and the bullies. 

All in all, I thought it was an alright movie. I will say, though, my favorite part of the movie was the message they had to love and listen to their parents as well as Ryan Reynolds was a bonus because he’s hot.