Madeline’s movie Review: The Adam project; I should’ve seen this coming

After watching “The Adam Project” on Netflix starring Ryan Reynolds, Walker Scobell and Mark Ruffalo, I will say there are some good things about the movie and some things I wasn’t a big fan of. I felt it was a nice film with a compelling story line. However, I felt at times it was complicated […]

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Rachel Review: “The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window” can’t decide what it is

Kristen Bell stars in a new dark comedy parodying the movie “The Woman in the Window.” It started its first ongoing joke by titling the show “The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window” to make fun of long titles in mysteries. The show was released on Jan. 28 […]

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Rachel Review: “The House” a chilling stop-motion anthology

“Black Mirror” meets “Fantastic Mr. Fox” in Netflix’s new film “The House.” This stop-motion feature has the elements and skill of “Fantastic Mr. Fox” movie’s stop-motion quality and characters and brings elements of the “Black Mirror” storytelling, with it’s three dark stories presented in the film. Stop-motion films have become a rarity in Hollywood. In […]

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Rachel Review: “Tick, Tick… Boom!” a Masterpiece

Before Marvel’s “No Way Home” movie comes out that Andrew Garfield is suspected to be in, Garfield was able to remind people that he is a fantastic actor in the new Netflix movie “Tick, Tick… Boom!” This film is based on the autobiographical musical about playwright Jonathan Larson. This is about his life before he […]

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Rachel Review: “Army of Thieves” has fewer zombies but more screams

If you watched Zack Snyder’s zombie movie back in May titled “Army of the Dead” and couldn’t wait for more, well, Netflix delivered for once and quickly released a prequel following the standout character, Ludwig Dieter, in his own film, “Army of Thieves.” To expand this new zombie universe, we go back to see the […]

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Rachel Review: Chicago Party Aunt fails to stand out

Netflix and adult animated comedy is a mixed bag. There are shows like “BoJack Horseman” that are groundbreaking, and then there are shows like “Big Mouth” which leave everyone questioning if it really should have been animated. Both are watchable and memorable, but with Netflix’s new show “Chicago Party Aunt,” there is barely any real […]

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Rachel Review: “The Chair” is a comfortable sit

Most workplace comedies are targeted toward a younger audience, but what I appreciate about Netflix’s new show “The Chair” is that it doesn’t overcomplicate itself with excessive storylines. The everyday humor added into it makes for a great comedic drama that works for a variety of different audiences. “The Chair” stars Sandra Oh as Ji-Yoon, […]

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Rachel Review: “Thunder Force” does not bring the thunder

Melissa McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone recently released another one of their lazy movies to Netflix, and sadly, they brought Octavia Spencer into this project as well. Despite the movie being named “Thunder Force” there was no drive in it. The movie follows two estranged best friends who come together as a superhero duo […]

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Rachel Review: The Irregulars, failed attempt of Sherlock Holmes revival

Characters that appeared in several of the original Sherlock Holmes books, often referred to as irregulars, were brought together and turned into their own tv show “The Irregulars.” Released March 27 to Netflix’s streaming platform, it now rests in the top 10 watched in the U.S. list.  The premise follows a group of teens set […]

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