Rachel Review: The Irregulars, failed attempt of Sherlock Holmes revival

Characters that appeared in several of the original Sherlock Holmes books, often referred to as irregulars, were brought together and turned into their own tv show “The Irregulars.” Released March 27 to Netflix’s streaming platform, it now rests in the top 10 watched in the U.S. list.  The premise follows a group of teens set […]

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Rachel Review: To All the Boys… why?

Just before Valentine’s Day, Netflix came out with their third installment of their infamous “To All the Boys” series, this time being named “To All the Boys: Always and Forever.” The movie follows the same characters, mainly focused on Lara Jean Covey’s and Peter Kavinsky’s relationship and where it stands as they look toward their […]

3 mins read

Rachel Review: Finding ‘Ohana: The Hawaiian Goonies

What drew me to this film was the sense of nostalgia the film brought with it’s treasure hunting and the fact that the movie had a predominantly Hawaiin cast. Whenever I hear the term Hawaii, I want to either go ziplining or watch this movie! The movie “Finding Ohana” on Netflix is about a family […]

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“Vampires vs. the Bronx” just a dash of spooky gentrification

In “Vampires v.s. the Bronx”, “The Goonies” came to 2020 and this time, focused on gentrification and properly representing different cultures. The story follows three young boys living in the Bronx. One — the leader — Miguel is trying to save his local Bodega and save his neighborhood from gentrification. Along the way he finds […]

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