Clary’s Critique: The Musical of Musicals: The Musical!

Over the weekend, The Musical of Musicals: The Musical! premiered in the fine arts building.  The musical was a telling of one plot and turned into five different parodies of iconic musical theater writers. The entire plot was about tenants not being able to pay rent and having to deal with, what I think, is […]

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“Dash and Lily” reignite Christmas spirit

Usually Hollywood likes to repackage its stories and give the same thing every year for Christmas, which ultimately makes me dread the screens this time of year. This show, at first glance, sounds like the usual cringe Christmas story but turns out to be the gift we all deserved. “Dash and Lily” is a new […]

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“Vampires vs. the Bronx” just a dash of spooky gentrification

In “Vampires v.s. the Bronx”, “The Goonies” came to 2020 and this time, focused on gentrification and properly representing different cultures. The story follows three young boys living in the Bronx. One — the leader — Miguel is trying to save his local Bodega and save his neighborhood from gentrification. Along the way he finds […]

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“The Devil All the Time” is watched for strong casting

There is probably one movie a year that has an all-star cast like that of Netflix’s new movie “The Devil All the Time.” This new grim thriller stars Robert Pattinson, Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan, Bill Skarsgård and other big Hollywood names. Seeing all these amazing actors together in one movie is the reason I wanted […]

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Student Government President and VP reflect on year

For Student Government Association President Carson Zubke and Vice President Hannah Booth, their term was a learning experience. While Zubke and Booth saw the creation of Charlie’s Cupboard and the approval of an SGA donation to the Patriots Plaza throughout their term, they said learned quickly not every project is easy. One of the first […]

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What We Think: El Fredo’s succeeds with sauce, not with service

In What We Think, the Verve Team ventures out to try businesses, restaurants, products and trends so you don’t have to. This week we tested out Vermillion’s newest restaurant, El Fredo’s, a chain Italian eatery from Sioux City focusing on pizza, pasta, sandwiches and wings. After Little Italy’s closed last year, Vermillion had no solely […]

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